Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Narelle on TV

Jules Riding's new dvd CATACLYSM will air on Shine TV on January 1st and 2nd. You can watch online. Go to

1 JAN, 7:30 - 9pm
2 JAN, 1:00 - 2:30pm.

Look out for Narelle in songs "In Your Presence" and "Holy God".

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Band on Tour with Jules Riding

Cataclysm Tour Band, photo taken after Masterton concert: Terese Marr, Janice Martin, Narelle Worboys, Greg Smith, Adrian du Toit, Jules Riding, Joelle Martin.
Terese and Narelle
Greg gets into the groove in Napier Cathedral

Joelle on duty at the sales table, Wellington

Decisions, decisions...
Adrian and Greg hanging in Napier Cathedral
Palmerston North sound check
That's Jordan behind Greg. It was incredibly hard to get a good shot of our sound man. Through set up, sound check, and concert, he rarely stopped moving in search of the best sound.
Isabel and David Worboys found a myriad of ways to help, and loved all four of the concerts they attended.
Terese Marr
Janice Martin
Adrian du Toit on King Tut'sThrone
When on tour, grab any nook you can for a bite in comfort! In this case the steps leading to a secret sanctuary entrance.
Old St. Paul's is sooo beautiful. When I first entered, I was speechless with awe.
Jordan finally sat still! with sister Miriam.
Proof that Jules does dance in public. (You may need to enlarge this to enjoy the finer points of his jig style.)
When the three of us got going together -- wow! gorgeous sounds, girls. =)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Narelle on DVD

Here are the two tracks that feature Narelle's vocals on Jules Riding's cd/dvd album "Cataclysm". Hope you enjoy!

Go to to find out how to download tracks or get your own copy of the double album.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Roll on Wedding Song

The tour with Jules Riding is over but I haven't yet had time to sort the photos and film footage. Next week I fly to Christchurch (yes, the shaky isles) for a dear friend's wedding. I will be singing at her reception with, I believe, a small band.  Let's hope the vibrato will only be the kind we like!

Family, friends, fashion, a wedding, and music -- all my favourite things!

Friday, November 19, 2010

How you can hear Jules and Narelle in concert

Hi! Narelle is on tour with Jules Riding!

You can hear interviews with Jules and Narelle on Tararua Television, 7pm Tuesday November 23rd.  You'll need a UHF aerial, then follow the instructions at the bottom of the TTV homepage to tune in.

Mid-tour journal entry by Narelle at

Cataclysm songs are being released one at a time on YouTube:

Cataclysm is available for you to purchase on Amplifier and iTunes. Narelle is featured in "In Your Presence" and "Holy God".


You have two chances remaining to hear Narelle live with Jules Riding and the band! It will be worth the effort to get there -- she's singing 4 songs on tour, double what she does on the dvd.  Click here for venues and times:

Narelle on Tour with Jules Riding

Two concerts done. Day to rest. Two concerts to go.

A tour concert has a totally different feel to the Auckland filmed show. I'm gaining in confidence, enjoying the process of getting comfortable working in with the band and getting my body to the point that it will do what I tell it.  I'm SO thankful I have both my parents with me each night, supporting me and helping the band.  Also very glad for a day's rest and my own bed.

The Cathedral Church of St John the Evangelist, Napier, New Zealand

Napier was great.  Magnificent venue. Recognizing Samuell away down in the very far (back row) was a cheery  moment.  He literally flew to the concert, landing his air ambulance and driving off to the concert without stopping to tidy his plane.  Another cheery moment was when my backstage high note warm-ups wafted into the sanctuary through a wall we thought was soundproof, leading Jules to comment to the audience about the imminent arrival of angels.
Consider this your invitation to attend our concert!
Sound check at St Peters Anglican Church, Palmerston North, New Zealand

I have three special memories of Palmerston North.

1. Seeing people I know.  Eighteen people came because Mum or I invited them, eleven of them from Dannevirke. I deeply appreciate their support.

2. Charmagne's face, an honest face that reflects what she feels. Amid a congregation of solemn visage, it glowed with enjoyment and that glow somehow transferred itself to my heart. I'm sure it added to my performance.
3. I got a chance to scat!  During sound check, Jules skipped into a blues rhythm that tweaked my creative urge and I yowled and twanged eight bars of crazy nonsense that lightened the afternoon for everyone.  Can't wait to do it again!

Tune in to Tararua Television at 7pm, Tuesday 23 November, for interviews with Jules and I!

Go to Jules Riding on Facebook for testimonies from the Palmerston North concert. =)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

November Concert Dates

If you would like to hear Narelle live in concert with Jules Riding, here's your chance.

Four cities, in venues with wonderful acoustics.

St Johns Cathedral, Browning St, NAPIER Weds 17th Nov 7:30pm
St Peters Anglican, Terrace End, PALMERSTON NTH Thu 18th Nov 7:30pm
St Matthews Anglican, Church St, MASTERTON Sat 20th Nov 7:30pm
Old St Pauls, Mulgrave St, WELLINGTON Sun Nov 21st 7pm
(tickets for Wellington $10ea from Manna Bookstores)

Go to for more details.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Favourite Things - in concert with Jules Riding

I've put together some photos of my Auckland experience last weekend and added a narration of my favourite things about being recorded and filmed in concert with Jules Riding.

I assure you the audio quality is better than the last video. I hope you enjoy the show, even if there aren't any music tracks yet -- album release date is 12th November.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jules Riding concert photos

Click on the link below to view the first batch of Jules Riding concert photos, courtesy of Jachin Mandeno.

This is a marvelously talented bunch of musicians. I was honoured to be among their number.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Narelle to debut in Auckland with Jules Riding

Dress rehearsal on Friday, then on Saturday -- lights, camera, action!

Howick is the place you'll want to be this Saturday, 9 October!

You can be part of the live audience when veteran New Zealand recording artist Jules Riding is filmed in concert for his new album CATACLYSM, with Acoustic Band and featuring vocalist Narelle Worboys whom he found on YouTube in March 2009. This is their second collaboration, but the first to be shared with the public.

Other guest artists are Nigel Gavin, Emma Roxburgh, and Hebron Children's Choir. [Wow, I'm sharing billing with Opera NZ resident artist Emma Roxburgh! ]

Don't miss this opportunity to hear great music for an amazing price! Get your tickets now -- just $10 each, $5 unwaged, by emailing

Remember, Saturday, 9 October, 7:30pm!
See you at Elim Christian Centre, 159 Botany Road, Howick, Auckland, New Zealand!

For more info on the album and record release/NZ Tour dates go to

BTW, "Freestyle" in the video means impromptu, unrehearsed, invention of the moment.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Go out to Concert or Stay at Home?

When was the last time you went out to a concert?

Perhaps you're like me, counting your pennies and thinking you can't afford such a luxury, that you need to save for your own music gig. Musician, tell yourself, "I can't afford to isolate myself." I was reminded of this today, and of the glory of music collaboration for those who make the music and for those who listen to them make it. In live concert.

Levin Brass Band presented an hour's program featuring brass superstar Riki McDonnell from Auckland. The most successful brass musician in New Zealand's history brought his sweet and bright euphonium sounds to our little town for an afternoon, and what a treat.

Imagine sitting fourth row back on the centre aisle, nothing obscuring your view of the band and soloists except their own brass instruments. You applaud to welcome the white-jacketed conductor, and settle into your pew for an auditory feast. Feel those organ-like vibrations from the big horns travel through the wooden floor, enter the fabric of the pew, and tingle up your spine. Hear the blending and separation and blending again of 30 instruments working as a team, building story and theme and emotion, climax and descent and close.

Recording studio productions may be tweaked to perfection, but there's nothing like a live concert. I'm a better musician because I soak up someone else's skill and creativity. I'm a better human being because I join others in appreciation of something beautiful.

And I discovered a song I want to sing. Here's the closest YouTube has to what I heard. I don't know if the Koreans are using the same arrangement -- it sounds different, but this band doesn't have the advantage of the wonderful Dannevirke St. Johns acoustics, do they? ; )

I'm dreaming of a vocalise duet with brass band backing...ooh, sends a thrill of delight up my spine.

Who were the two ladies in the audience having a chat while the rest of us tried to focus on New Zealand's 2010 Champion of Champions doing things to a hunk of tin like I've never heard before? He called it "Harlequin." I call them rude.

You wouldn't do that to a musician, would you? Or his audience? No, of course not. You don't want to be the most hated individual in the concert hall!

Music-makers need audience. We the audience need music-makers. We all want an harmonious collaboration. They do the work perfecting their craft, we get out of the house to enjoy them, to be there 100%. They benefit, and so do we!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Singing for Susan Boyle & Jules Riding -- in the same year!

Progress in health management has allowed two exciting things into my life.

I've begun work on backing vocals for Jules Riding's next album debut, a concert that will be filmed live in Auckland on October 9th. Check his website for more details. I expect to also participate in at least a couple of the tour dates, those close to my hometown.

Last week, with 24 hours' notice, I auditioned for Susan Boyle. She's looking for someone to duet with on her next album, someone for whom she can do what Simon Cowell did for her. Even if I'm not what she's looking for, it was a fantastic opportunity, and I was provided with a reason to make a cool video which I hope you'll enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed making!

Just in case you thought the sound effects were contrived...

Hmm, what happened to my quiet year for writing the Queensland novel? That project seems to have been pushed to the back burner! Tomorrow afternoon it shall be my hot spot. I am determined.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Song of the Cans and Cannots

Written in 2009
Live Your Dream, no matter the obstacles.

Some people see me perform and suppose it comes easily. The truth is I fight my body every time I sing. The possibility of failing to produce a good sound is very real, but I refuse to let the fear of that prevent me from pursuing my dream. I will keep trying, and never give up. And I write these thoughts down so when a task seems too difficult, I have something to help strengthen my resolve.

If your passion is to make music, then you can do it, no matter what obstacles you face, if you truly want it. Canadian figure skater Nicole Watt is a shining example of this philosophy of making your dreams come true.

Nicole Watt is a figure skater who at the age of 14 jumped from Pre-Novice (past Novice and Junior) to Senior level and gained a silver medal at the Calgary Nationals in the year 2000. Nicole had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, a progressively degenerative disease that slowly sapped her strength and stiffened her joints. To combat the symptoms of her disease, she took a powerful drug each week. Even with medication she wasn't symptom free, never knowing which joint might be affected or when. The drug also gave her flu-like symptoms, preventing her from practicing for a day afterwards, but without it, she would have been unable to compete.

In an interview dated February 11, 2003, Nicole said, "I can't control how others skaters will perform, or the view of the judges. The only thing I can control is my focus, dedication, and preparation and hopefully it all comes together. My coach, Dale Hazell, has two things he always quotes to me: 'You only have one competitor--yourself' and 'When preparation and opportunity meet, there will be success'. I do everything I can to be properly prepared."

Limited by her body, Nicole was forced to stop competing that year. Now 23, she's skating again, at a domestic level.

Joni Eareckson Tada was an athletic young woman rendered tetraplegic in 1967 by a tragic accident. She has lots of difficult and feel-bad moments, but she hasn't given up on life. Instead, she's been beating the odds for decades, travelling the world and achieving much as a loved and respected Christian author, artist, radio personality, and advocate for the disabled.

If she didn't give up, neither should you and I.

Philippians 4:13 -- "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."

Here's a glimpse of one of those "don't give up" moments when I was guest vocalist at a concert. I was focused, I was prepared...and my body wasn't cooperating. But I pursued my dream. Afterward, I was very sick indeed and it's taken me a year to get the concert footage prepared for YouTube. You can view my Princess Moment here at BoutiqueNarelle.

When it comes to pursuing dreams, I have learned about...

VISION. "Without a vision, the people perish."
Know what you want. Plan steps to get you there.

SURRENDER. "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord."
Do you trust Him? Do you believe He knows what's best for you, that His desire is to give you good gifts, to make all grace abound toward you? There's a simple answer to this: yes or no. If I'm honest, my answer is often no and I need His help to make it yes.

PASSION. How much are you willing to give up or let go of?
Achieving your dream will cost you something, perhaps in quality of life, finance, or social involvement. Count the cost now: is achieving your dream more important to you than a bit of fun and comfort?

PERSEVERENCE. "Wait on the Lord, be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart."
Strength of heart comes from having courage. Courage comes from the knowledge of God's presence with you. It means if you know you're on God's mission, you will never, never, never give up.

PATIENCE. Faith in God's timing.
A producer dropped me from his program without telling me; on another occasion, my first full program of sacred songs was canceled by my host. How did I handle it? By remembering the above points -- Vision, Surrender, Passion, Perseverence -- and added to this Patience.

RESILIENCE. Staying focused.
Media reports listed all the soloists except me, the girl who sang about her faith. Vision, Surrender, Passion, Perseverence, Patience, Resilience!

SUPPORT. People who believe in your ability and provide opportunities for growth.
No man is an island entire of itself. Every one is a part of the continent of mankind. We need each other.

I used to think it would be hard to find someone more isolated than I am, and yet the Lord brought me a producer who "always has me on his list", and a pianist of local influence and experience who lives across the road from me and is delighted to have me work with her. I also have the loving encouragement of my family. Some supporters provide opportunities; some provide positive feedback and encouragement that acts as stimulus to press onward through lull and storm. They're both necessary.

SPECIFIC HANDICAPS. They build character and all of the above.
Singing is a muscular exercise. I have a muscular handicap. For example, during the first years of studying voice seriously, my torso ached from the effects of breath control. Holding my rib cage "open" hurt. Every intake of breath shot a spasm down into my stomach. An hour's singing put me out of commission for the rest of the day. More often than not muscle tension interferes with all the sound-producing mechanisms of my head and neck, but I want to sing, so I persevere through whatever my body throws at me.

My body's refusal to cooperate hasn't gone away. I could say, What's the use of practicing if it's going to hurt and any progress I make could desert me when I'm on stage? I wonder if Nicole Watt ever said that to herself. Perhaps she did, but she found a place of dedication and persistence that enabled her to rise above her handicaps. Her example inspired me to strive to beat the odds.

I don't know how to resolve my health issues. There are times when I'm too unwell to sing and have to decline invitations or cancel events in which I long to participate. I can't advance my skill and experience at a consistent rate because my body can't keep up. I can't... I can't...

And yet, if I choose, I can overwhelm these Cannots with one Can:

And so long as I have that passion,
so long as I find pleasure in making beautiful music,
so long as I want to express through song the sorrow and salvation of the world,
so long as my Lord gives me breath to praise Him,

I know it's worthwhile, if for no other reason than it lifts my spirit.

The Biblical book of Joshua points out that the tribe of Gad got the prime real estate because they were willing to deal with the tough stuff, while the tribe of Dan quit in the face of hardship and ended up with border territory that was susceptible to every enemy's whim.

Are you focused on frustrations, pain, failure, approval, or applause? These will sap your strength and lead you to quit. Are you willing to deal with the tough stuff? Do you dare overwhelm your Cannots with a Can? What is your dream? Skate or sing, let the joy of the Lord be your strength, and go do what you dreamed!

Roger Black, British Olympic silver medallist, said,

"When I stood on the rostrum in 1996, they put a silver medal around my neck. Michael Johnson had a gold medal put around his neck. We both felt exactly the same, we both performed to the best of our abilities, I knew I could have done no better. Yes, I would have loved to have won an Olympic gold medal, but that feeling of standing on the rostrum, knowing that I’d given it one hundred percent, I could have done no more – that feeling was worth gold to me and I didn’t need to have a gold medal put around my neck to validate the feeling. Ultimately, I think you have to be honest with yourself with your performance, if you can walk off the track knowing you could have done no better, then regardless of the medal, regardless of the place, as hard as it may be, you can at least look at yourself in the mirror and know that you have done the very best you can."

“You don’t have to have a gold medal put around your neck to feel like a champion," says Roger. I'm adding to that, Pursue your dream to the best of your ability, and you too are a champion.

I close with one more true-life story of great courage overcoming incredible obstacles.

In 2005, a dancer who had lost an arm and her professional career invited a one-legged man with no dance experience to be her dance partner. When they won Silver at the China Central Television National Dance Competition in 2007, Ma Li and Zhai Xiaowei became an inspiration to millions of people, both handicapped and able-bodied, as they showed what passion and determination can achieve.

After watching this, do you dare say, "I can't"?

None of these individuals are superhuman. It's not the person that's special, it's the PROCESS. That means you can take the same process and get similar results.

So how about it? Start your process now!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Live Your Dreams

In May 2009, veteran recording artist Jules Riding helped me find a voice I didn't know I had.

Despite the past year of enforced rest from active music study, I've been learning new things about what I can do as a musician.

The recordings and videos you've heard from me thus far date 2-4 years prior to my studio debut, and Jules hasn't yet released the recording we made together. He assures me you will be wowed by it. It still wows me every time I listen to it. I can't figure out, with my body in such a sad state, from whence the sound comes.

I suppose that's tickled your curiosity. Would it be mean to leave you in silence? Okay, below is a sample from a midnight kitchen session coupled with a photo slideshow in my first exploration of Windows Movie Maker. If the clock and fridge don't get vocal, my kitchen has the best acoustics in the house, but Murphy's Law supplies a humming chorus from them on all the best takes.

Live Your Dreams, wherever you are.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Anzac Day Tragedy - Tribute Memorial

When I was 10 years old, I sang in the children's choir backing Barry McGuire in a TearFund concert. One of his solos was "Last Farewell" by Randy Sparks, fellow New Christy Minstrels musician. The song spoke so deeply to my heart that I remembered it and sang it to myself many times as I grew up.

Grown up and given the opportunity to perform in an Anzac Day concert, I chose "Last Farewell" as part of my program. Wanting to check that I'd remembered the lyrics correctly, I contacted Barry McGuire and he put me in touch with Randy Sparks.

Guys, here's a recording of that 2007 event rehearsal used as backing for a memorial tribute to the Anzac Day tragedy in New Zealand in 2010. I still love the song. One day I'll do an even better job with it, I promise.

by Randy Sparks

I’m going away at eventide
Across the wild and windy sea.
I bid you stay, stay here by my side
And share a last farewell with me.

Through snowclad mountains proud and tall
Or a thousand miles ‘cross the burning sand,
Our last farewell then will I recall
When I’m alone in a far off land.

A wandering song is all I know,
Yet I love you more, more than words can tell.
I hear the call and I’m bound to go.
I leave you now with a last farewell.

If you asked me why am I affected by this tragedy, why do I care about the deaths of people I didn't know, I would answer:

"No man is an Island, entire of it self; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friends or of thine own were; any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee."
John Donne: Meditation XVII

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another ANZAC Song

I discovered this song in a Dominion Songbook that dates back to my mother's intermediate school music classes in the 1960s. I have no details about the song's history or the songwriter, so if you know anything, please share!

Honour We the True and Brave
, or

Honour we the true and brave,
Who, their lives for us unsparing,
Danger daring, sorrow sharing,
All for King and Country gave.

May we loyal comrades prove,
Bravely for the right contending,
Truth defending, gladly lending
Life to win the world for Love.

Recorded in rehearsal for Anzac Day 2007 concert, performed by Narelle Worboys, accompanied by Wendy Robertson

Friday, April 16, 2010

On ANZAC Day --

See your world with new eyes:
remember the past.

Let's not reinvent the wheel. How wasteful it is to chuck out old values and start over at the beginning. Let's learn from what our ancestors learned and build on that!

ANZAC Day, April 25th, 2010

This week I learned how to use Windows MovieMaker, my PC didn't perish at the thought of such a creative proceeding, and the result is a music video for your enjoyment! I feel like having a party! I hope you like the video, and here's hoping there are more to come.
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