Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Narelle to debut in Auckland with Jules Riding

Dress rehearsal on Friday, then on Saturday -- lights, camera, action!

Howick is the place you'll want to be this Saturday, 9 October!

You can be part of the live audience when veteran New Zealand recording artist Jules Riding is filmed in concert for his new album CATACLYSM, with Acoustic Band and featuring vocalist Narelle Worboys whom he found on YouTube in March 2009. This is their second collaboration, but the first to be shared with the public.

Other guest artists are Nigel Gavin, Emma Roxburgh, and Hebron Children's Choir. [Wow, I'm sharing billing with Opera NZ resident artist Emma Roxburgh! http://www.theaucklander.co.nz/local/... ]

Don't miss this opportunity to hear great music for an amazing price! Get your tickets now -- just $10 each, $5 unwaged, by emailing tickets@elkanah.org.nz.

Remember, Saturday, 9 October, 7:30pm!
See you at Elim Christian Centre, 159 Botany Road, Howick, Auckland, New Zealand!

For more info on the album and record release/NZ Tour dates go to http://www.elkanah.org.nz.

BTW, "Freestyle" in the video means impromptu, unrehearsed, invention of the moment.

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