Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Carolyn Ballinger LYRICS & Sheet Music

Carolyn returned to Australia at the end of July and is settling back into home and church life. If you like her songs as much as I do, you'll be wanting the sheet music. You can order them from her at carolyn.ballinger@gmail.com or write to 3 Anaba Street, Toowoomba, Queensland 4350, Australia.

The lyrics for her songs are printed below.


You left your rightful place as king
to dwell with undeserving man.
Your humble birth in a quiet stall
was part of God’s redeeming plan.

Only you, only you care this much for me,
Lord Jesus, no one else but you,
And if I were the only one on earth,
Only you would have done it all just for me.

You were falsely charged and condemned to die,
yet the words you spoke were few.
Your only plea was to God in heav’n:
“Forgive them, they know not what they do.”

When you died, your body was laid in a tomb
and many thought it was the end.
But on the third day you conquered death;
you rose never to die again.


So many questions, so many fears, there’s nowhere left to hide.
So many doubts and countless tears there’s no more peace inside.
But you can be released, you can leave them all behind.
Just come unto Me and you’ll forever be My child.

I’ve loved you from the beginning of time.
I love you, even now I’m by your side,
And nothing will, or ever can separate you from My love.
You will forever be My child.

There may be storms and times of darkness, but you don’t need to fear.
There may be times of grief and pain that seem too hard to bear.
But you can come to Me, My arms are always open wide.
No matter what comes, you will forever be My child.

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