Narelle's story is one of overcoming obstacles.

At the age of 19, a bright future suddenly turned bleak when a serious health condition cut her off from a normal life. She says, "I felt like a princess moated in a forgotten castle." The illness stole the voice with which she'd travelled New Zealand singing with her family. Her speaking voice also disintegrated.

After years of seclusion and frustration that her body wouldn't support what she wanted to do, prayer for divine healing returned her ability to sing. More than that, she had a new voice, one she'd never had before. It took a decade of hard work to convince her hijacked body to release this voice when summoned. She says, "Now I can open my mouth and it comes. I haven't grown used to it, or left off feeling thankful for it."

In April 2009 Jules Riding discovered Narelle on YouTube when an impromptu acapella Christmas video prompted him to invite her to Auckland to record with him. She says, "That opportunity enabled me to find a style of vocalisation I hadn't known I could do." It was an amazing introduction to studio work, launching her on a new and exciting musical adventure, even though Riding has yet to release the track they created.

Jules followed this with a second invitation to work with him. Narelle sings on two tracks of his CATACLYSM album, which was filmed live in concert in October 2010. Seven videos from the Cataclsym tour that followed are available on Narelle's YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/songuine. She also sings guest vocals for "Place of Honour" on Jules' 2014 album SANCTUARY.

Narelle is an entrepreneur, a playwright, fashion journalist, and song writer. While on a research trip to Queensland, Australia in June 2010, an extraordinary beach find inspired her to write the song "I Have Loved You" which you can hear on her video story, "Roma's Message in a Bottle". The video enabled Narelle to make contact with the sender of the bottle, a truly remarkable experience.

Narelle's primary function is support to her family, and after that a far-reaching ministry which she describes as 'home missionary work'. "I have the world and my neighbourhood at my fingertips," she says. Her visionary and creative abilities find expression through these roles in a myriad of ways.

She's excited about the future, and continues her creative studies from home, looking for opportunities to share the joy of music with others. Her motto is, "Live your dream wherever you are."

To discover more about her projects, visit her hub site at www.luminel.weebly.com.


Tararua Television: Narelle on tour with Jules Riding (November 2010)

Monica of Musicnotes writes about the winners of the YouPerform Contest (April 2009)


Narelle's favourite charity is Operation Christmas Child, "because it's so personal", she says. From 2006 to 2011 she helped coordinate regional programs. Now in an unofficial capacity, she continues to speak and sing at OCC fundraisers and publish shoebox tips and inspirational news reports. For more information about Operation Christmas Child, go to Samaritan's Purse International www.samaritanspurse.org or Samaritan's Purse NZ www.samaritanspurse.org.nz.


To join Narelle on Facebook, go to www.fb.com/NarelleWorboys , click "Like" and select "get notifications' from the menu.

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