Friday, December 26, 2008

Musical Cheers

After 2 months' break due to exhaustion and voice trouble, it feels so wonderful to be making music again. My sister Sarah was home for a mere 29 hours, and the weather was cold, damp, and windy, but we managed to find a spot on Taradale to record two of our favourite ballads for our family and friends before she flew south again.

The Purple Hoods spy out the Land

Roses Will Bloom Again
I find this song a great faith builder. When I'm hurting because my hopes have been dashed, or floundering because I've lost track of the vision for my life, it helps to remind myself, Only God knows how or when, but roses will bloom again. He has proved He's faithful. I can trust Him with my life and everything important to me.

The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen
"Aberdeen" was unrehearsed and turned into a big joke as we tried to remember the harmonies. What the wind did to my hair I couldn't have done if I tried. We hope you have as much fun watching as we had singing.

You can also join us on a jaunt down the road to the strains of "How Marvellous".

May you take the road to your own Aberdeen and find roses blooming there.
Best wishes, Narelle & Sarah

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