Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Band on Tour with Jules Riding

Cataclysm Tour Band, photo taken after Masterton concert: Terese Marr, Janice Martin, Narelle Worboys, Greg Smith, Adrian du Toit, Jules Riding, Joelle Martin.
Terese and Narelle
Greg gets into the groove in Napier Cathedral

Joelle on duty at the sales table, Wellington

Decisions, decisions...
Adrian and Greg hanging in Napier Cathedral
Palmerston North sound check
That's Jordan behind Greg. It was incredibly hard to get a good shot of our sound man. Through set up, sound check, and concert, he rarely stopped moving in search of the best sound.
Isabel and David Worboys found a myriad of ways to help, and loved all four of the concerts they attended.
Terese Marr
Janice Martin
Adrian du Toit on King Tut'sThrone
When on tour, grab any nook you can for a bite in comfort! In this case the steps leading to a secret sanctuary entrance.
Old St. Paul's is sooo beautiful. When I first entered, I was speechless with awe.
Jordan finally sat still! with sister Miriam.
Proof that Jules does dance in public. (You may need to enlarge this to enjoy the finer points of his jig style.)
When the three of us got going together -- wow! gorgeous sounds, girls. =)


steve parr said...

very nice voice ,
amazing concert i was at the napier one

Narelle Worboys said...

So you were. I thought your name seemed familiar. =) Thanks for your encouragement, Steve.
Have you seen the tour videos on my YouTube channel? There are 5 -- 3 songs filmed in Masterton, and 1 in Wellington. We're still waiting for footage from Palmerston North. I'm sorry we didn't get footage in Napier -- the ambiance in that venue simply wasn't matched anywhere else.
Best wishes!

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