Wednesday, June 18, 2014

To Mum With Love: gift of song stirs gift of faith

How do you go about creating a gift that will bless your mother? I'm so thankful that my voice recorder and camera are present and in good health, meaning I can share a special moment with you that resulted from my sister and I planning a gift for our mum.

Recipe: Gift for Mum. See video link for song.
Nine weeks after our fire, back at home with difficult problems and decisions to handle every day, I was glad to step outside of it all to celebrate my mother's birthday. My sister Sarah cooked a roast and a small mountain of baking to stock the pantry, competing for access to the oven with the glass technician installing the new splash-back over the bench. It looks gorgeous and Mum is thrilled. She's also delighted with the piles of Highlander bikkies.

Sarah and Narelle with a royal reminder: "It will be worth it all when we see Jesus."

After dinner, Sarah and I, dressed in our new purple merino tops (I think of purple as "Mum's colour"), sang for Mum one of her favourite hymns. Thirty times she reckons it was that she accompanied her five teenagers singing it in venues around New Zealand during the days of our Home Education Seminar Tours, and she never tired of it. You'll hear on the recording that she enjoys it still.

We had a conversation about the biblical accuracy of promising a harp in heaven, but decided if you understand it's not literal, it works as a metaphor for an eternity of music and praise. Sounds good to me.

Why not give your Mum a gift of encouragement? Here's an easy way: share this song with her! "It will be worth it all!" Here's the link:

Fiat lux!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

ABIDING LOVE album coming soon to YouTube

ABIDING LOVE: an "at home" musical experience with Narelle and Sarah Worboys
We hoped to launch our warm and casual 'insider experience' album back in December 2013, but it's been somewhat of an Everest ascent finding a way to conquer the technical peaks and crevasses. Here's hoping its not far away now.

Monday, June 9, 2014

What will be our legacy?

I've been enjoying the opportunity to see an excellent NZ historical documentary, "Making New Zealand". Last night the final episode closed with this statement: "THE QUESTION IS: WHAT WILL BE OUR LEGACY?"

My sentiments exactly, and the thought forming the foundation for the Anzac commemorative video I've been working on since April 24th.
WHAT WILL BE OUR LEGACY? Photo credit: Dannevirke Facebook

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Music Project Teaser

Here's a hint of what’s coming...

This is the hat that sparked Narelle’s inspiring ANZAC commemorative poem for modern man, “Red Rose, Red Poppy”.

The hat that sparked a flurry of Anzac-themed creativity
 Just ten days after experiencing a house fire, Narelle was glad to find that her red knitted cap with its red and gold organza rose had escaped soot damage.

She says, "Thank you to the thoughtful donor who provided me with red poppies to wear on ANZAC Day!"
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