Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Enhanced “Magdala Waltz” Makes Public Debut

21st party proves perfect occasion for well-wishing waltz

Hawkes Bay, New Zealand: Last weekend, Narelle Worboys introduced the enhanced version of the “Magdala Waltz” at a public event, singing live to Carolyn Sjostrom’s stunningly beautiful piano track. The soaring power and relevancy of the song rank it as first rate for deserving a wider audience, but the challenge is how to get it out there.

Narelle says, “This occasion was exactly what the song was designed for, special moments of celebration when you want to express your love for someone but struggle to say what’s in your heart. I love enabling that expression, creating that connection. I want to make that experience available to more people.”

Narelle’s ongoing battle with chronic fatigue creates an exclusivity for live performances, something she is determined to overcome through partnering with a team who can make her music more accessible via digital media.

In pursuit of this, she’s seeking to work with a come-to-me studio to record her vocals for the “Magdala Waltz”, a mix and master pro, and a team to launch the perform-or-listen package online. If you can connect Narelle to a mobile studio, she’d love to hear from you. Email elleran@xtra.co.nz.

About Songuine: “Songuine: Sounds of Hope” was established as a vehicle for Narelle’s soaring, pure vocals, positive, insightful song-writing, and lyrical melodies. The goal is to share music that inspires and uplifts, and to provide backing tracks and sheet music so others can create that feeling of hope for themselves and their audiences. In performance, Narelle loves the intimate touch, making her songs personal and applicable to her listeners through storytelling, creating mini keynote concerts. She also has a knack for custom song-writing.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Musician's Money-Making Secrets

Here's a website to make you wanna-be healthy, wealthy, and wise musicians take note. Part Time Musician - Full Time Income with Tiamo De Vettori. You may not want to buy his coaching program, but when you go to click away from his webpage, a pop-up will offer you a free report loaded with juicy tips.

Somehow, amongst the intense business of recreating Boutique Narelle, I've had time to vary the flavour with some music study. When I saw the intro email for Tiamo's free webinar "Musician's Money-Making Secrets", I knew I had to participate, especially since I've created three new songs in the past two months specific to Boutique Narelle's renovations, plus three or four others.

Where is this all leading? I only have inklings yet, but it's exciting!

Tiamo followed the webinar with the option of a free live group coaching call. He addressed my list of questions first and answered fully and generously. What a privilege to have such access to experienced professionals!

I am re-energized to find a way to share my music from my home to your home, in a way that brings you hope and inspiration.

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