Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Musician's Money-Making Secrets

Here's a website to make you wanna-be healthy, wealthy, and wise musicians take note. Part Time Musician - Full Time Income with Tiamo De Vettori. You may not want to buy his coaching program, but when you go to click away from his webpage, a pop-up will offer you a free report loaded with juicy tips.

Somehow, amongst the intense business of recreating Boutique Narelle, I've had time to vary the flavour with some music study. When I saw the intro email for Tiamo's free webinar "Musician's Money-Making Secrets", I knew I had to participate, especially since I've created three new songs in the past two months specific to Boutique Narelle's renovations, plus three or four others.

Where is this all leading? I only have inklings yet, but it's exciting!

Tiamo followed the webinar with the option of a free live group coaching call. He addressed my list of questions first and answered fully and generously. What a privilege to have such access to experienced professionals!

I am re-energized to find a way to share my music from my home to your home, in a way that brings you hope and inspiration.

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