Friday, April 16, 2010

On ANZAC Day --

See your world with new eyes:
remember the past.

Let's not reinvent the wheel. How wasteful it is to chuck out old values and start over at the beginning. Let's learn from what our ancestors learned and build on that!

ANZAC Day, April 25th, 2010

This week I learned how to use Windows MovieMaker, my PC didn't perish at the thought of such a creative proceeding, and the result is a music video for your enjoyment! I feel like having a party! I hope you like the video, and here's hoping there are more to come.


Kim said...

Very good! Thanks for that. Personally, there aren't enough images to be visually arresting. People are used to much faster moving visuals. The pics of Queen Victoria, and I presume the other was Kipling?, were good, but after that it slowed down a lot, and I actually did other stuff on the computer while listening. A few more pictures inspiring people with the emotions you are trying to create would be good.
Well done, though! Lovely singing - nice to hear the Worboys ring in the voice!

Narelle Worboys said...

You excel at providing detailed feedback. Thanks Kim!

Nothing wrong with you doing other stuff while you listen. The main reason I didn't use other pics is that I don't hold copyright on enough suitable images (and it's a long song!).

I also figured the lyrics were complex enough without the viewer having to follow a pictorial line as well -- not everyone's handles swallowing Kipling with ease. Perhaps a matter of preference?

Try the second Anzac video (next post). What do you think of the pictorial aspect of that one?

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