Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Operation Christmas Child 2007

The busy season is in full swing, with Operation Christmas Child 2007 presentations running around the country-side. See the following post for more details of our part in the jog. Our territory is from Pahiatua to Waipawa, and our aim is for 400 boxes. Last year Dannevirke alone managed 80. Here's a photo of Dad and me with those 80 before we shipped them off to the Auckland warehouse.

If you'd like to fill a shoebox or volunteer at a packing station, check out www.SamaritansPurse.org or if you're in New Zealand, freephone 0800 684 300.


A report on the results of the 2007 mission in this region may be found at www.NarelleWorboys.blogspot.com. Look for Mount Shoebox. Ed.

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