Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Child in a Shoebox

My Dad and I have done two Operation Christmas Child (2007) presentations this month, with other bookings to local churches/schools/clubs flooding in. I am so enjoying working with my Dad. Due to my chronic illness, it's been more than decade since I was involved in any family ministry. There's just me at home now (I have 4 siblings) and it's really important to me to be involved in what my parents are doing, particularly my Dad.

Sunday morning we did a double-service marathon at a local church. Dad did the early service and Mum and I joined him for the 2nd, at which Dad and I alternated speaking, and I gave the closing comments and sang "My Child," accompanied by Mum. It appears that that song, combined with OCC's Good Samaritan approach to helping impoverished children, moves folk to tears every time. We gave out around 40 empty shoeboxes to be filled, and the minister's wife took a pile of extras in anticipation of further interest.

When we got home, I collapsed on the couch while Mum and Dad ate lunch and we all decompressed. I was on sensory overload! -- so many people, so many conversations, so much happening, so much noise -- the hardest part was the youth group being permitted carte blanche with the music equipment in the 'sanctuary' after the service, competing with each other to see who could make the most noise, even playing different songs at the same time. Talk about a rock party. There's a speaker in the foyer, so despite the soundproof glass doors, it wasn't possible to get away from the noise.

I treasure a comment Dad made as we wound down. He said that as he got to the end of his 1st service speel, he realized he hadn't figured out how to draw it to a conclusion because I usually do that. He missed me! And he said he really likes the way I sing. It means a huge amount to know that he values me, that I'm useful to him. The joy of working together in harmony is a blessing without price.

I'm always astonished at how I can produce a nice sound during performance/under pressure even though my rehearsals may be less than marvellous. Do microphones enhance the voice? I had the benefit of excellent accoustics at the Town Hall, but I'm not sure you could say that for the church. Sorry, I didn't get that videoed -- although there's sure to be a tape of the service. I did record my final rehearsal with Mum on Saturday night. Here's the video link:


Dad's been invited to do his OCC presentation for the Youth Group on Friday night. I'm not invited because the youth group leaders don't think the teenagers will appreciate my music. That's okay -- I deserve a rest. = ) Ironically, song leader Moala Withey, of rock band "mana3" fame, liked what I did so much that she invited me to take the lead microphone for the closing hymn, "Great is Thy Faithfulness".

Later, after the crowds around our OCC booth had dissipated somewhat and I had a chance to sit down and eat some breakfast (at 12 noon!), I met youth group member Sarah, whom I'm guessing is about 14 years old. She came to sit beside me for a chat. Her reason was a bright orange notebook in her hand. She gave this to me, confiding that she'd written a song. I read through this and offered encouragement to find a way to persevere with her music studies (she quit piano after a year because she didn't get on with the teacher...I understood perfectly, having had the same teacher) and figure out a melody to put to the lyrics. Sarah was delighted when she heard that I'm doing the OCC presentation for the Girls Brigade this Wednesday, saying her sister and friends would also be very happy to hear that news.

I was specifically invited to do the whole GB presentation, "because you're a girl", they said, but I asked that Dad come along, because he's as much part of this as I am. We're a team, we work well together, and I like us working well together. = ) So I get two days rest, then a wind up to perform again, hopefully not complicated by a visit to the dentist a few hours beforehand!

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