Friday, May 6, 2011

ANZAC Song 2011: Blue Smoke

To commemorate ANZAC Day 2011, here's "Blue Smoke" by Ruru Karaitiana.*  If you're missing someone you love, this is especially for you.

*See the YouTube info box for more on this WWII musician from my hometown.

Ruru Karaitiana
Blue smoke goes drifting by into the deep blue sky
And when I think of home I sadly sigh.
Oh, I can see you there with loving tears in your eyes
As we fondly said our last goodbyes.
And as I sailed away with a longing to stay,
I promised I'd be true and to love only you.
Blue smoke goes drifting by into the deep blue sky
My memories of home will never die.

Do you think I'm progressing toward better video quality? I'd love to hear from you. Suggestions welcomed!

I'm pleased with the photographer, model, and stylist, but the audio technician is definitely lagging behind. She needs a tutor to teach her how to work the microphone and its software, and a studio to put them all in! April 25th arrived without a good audio solution, so she went with the trusty old mp3 recorder in the bathroom. By the time they had all that worked out, the poor vocalist was oversung!

As the tools and talents improve, the results can only get better. Thanks for stopping by, spending a little of your precious time with Songuine. May your life be filled with songs that lift you up and help you catch the wind.

Sail on.

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