Saturday, May 2, 2009

Apple Blossom Wedding

Voting is now open for the April edition of the YouPerform Contest at Who should win the prize worth US$100? Have your say by clicking here.

Voting closes May 15th (Central Standard Time).

The butterfly link has been disabled so you can view this poster in a larger format. Follow the text link above to vote.

More details on the creation of our Apple Blossom Wedding Special will be posted on BoutiqueNarelle on Friday, 8th May.

1 comment:

Joy Bird said...

Hello, this is Joy Bird (or Rachel) from the Musicnotes contest.

I really like all your different blogs. I noticed that on the ad in the side bar for it it said "modelling modesty" and I thought that was neat. For some reason it's blocked on my computer, but I'll be really excited to see what you have on there as soon as I can get my dad to unblock it.

I'm voting for you!

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