Friday, March 7, 2008

Rosy 99

Mrs. Swanney and I had the privilege this week of providing musical entertainment at the 99th birthday party of Mrs. Kath Maloney. She's the most beautiful 99-year-old I've ever seen. Rosy cheeked and bright eyed with pretty white curls, she sat beneath balloons and bright poster letters, flanked by a rainbow of flowers, enjoying her party with enthusiasm.

The guests sang along to our medley of old time favourites until general insistence that I give them a solo. I chose “An Irish Lullaby”. Mrs. Swanney, amazing lady, calmly pumped from her piano accordian whatever was requested. It’s a blessing not having to rely on an immovable piano, but also what marvelous freedom not needing music in front of you! I’m still building my repertoire, so haven’t managed to dispense with a lyric sheet yet. But I’ll get there.

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